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I am stupid and I am idiot and I am nonsense that i beleive what I beleive.


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Love and Jealousy

AT 3 o clock night i found myself reading “Love and jealousy”. Hahaha

Oh no, m not reading it to forward to Fudge……( Thats make me worry now)

 Thanks God i have an ability to learn from others mistakes and behaviours otherwise i wud say “Mujhay koi faraq nahi perta”  🙂

Sometimes i feel internet is my best friend. I just entered in chat room. Bug a person and said “I am in very bad mood”. He said “oh why, what can i do to make your mood bettter”. and he definately made my mood better by listening me half hour.

Then i stepped out of caht room. He became no1 and i became No1.

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My chocolate and Icecream


I talked to zen for one hour today on phone. Image that at the age of 2 years

she talks that much…. oo’lalla but we talked and talked and talked and then i

asked her to sing me a poem ‘titli uri’ which is also the favourite of

Ash’z  too . Ash snatched the phone from zen and they began to fight. Both

wanted to sing me the poem (Oh look how VIP i am 😉 ) Ash only 1 year but

ufff too much naughty and too much active (MashaAllah).

Zen and Ash are my chocolate and Ice cream, Sweetness of  My Life.

The only sweetness of my life.


oh and Asim is my pizza… yum yum. I Never say NO to pizza…  Salty and Tasty

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I Love you



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Jo sab say pehlay RAB-E-WAHID  say serzad hua…

‘US’ nay apnay aap ko dekha aur apnay aap per aashiq ho gya, Apnay NOOR say zaida usay koi shay kesay haseen lag sakti thi, tab ‘US’ nay kaha

“ALLAH Haseen he aur Apnay husn say mohabat kerta hai “

US ka noor jab sarapa may zahir hua to ‘US’ nay usay tamam kaaynat’on k haseen aur kamil tareen basher ka libaada pehnaya, phir apnay bandon ko hukm dia keh jo mujh tak aana chahay wo Meray Habib (SAW) say Ishq  kay waseelay say aay.


Yeh ishq-e-majazi k hukm ki ibtida thi, jis k baghair Ishq-e-haqeeqi ka daman hath aata hi nahi…


Azal say insan ki fitrat may wadi’yat kiya gya yeh jazba jab jab apnay rukh say hijab serkata he…..

 unhoni’an janam leti hain…..

Misal’ain takhleeq hoti hain….

dastan’ain banti hain…. 



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Love or To be Loved

Love or to be Loved?

The old question strikes me again. I asked it so many times to every one and 80 percent people replied they wud choose “To be Loved”. I know i have all the happiness one cud wish for if i choose ‘To be loved ‘ but how cud i choose to be loved coz all i wished for is ‘My Love’


I choose to Love and I love a man who dont love me, who dont even likes me, who dont care about me, who do what ever he wanna do, for whom i am nothing , nothing at all. Who always keep teasing me, keep taunting on me.  Who just care what he likes and what he wants,  who just wana play ‘take-take’.

Oh i am so fucked up with his attitude.


But i love him so much. So much that it sometimes irritates me myself.


P.S: Detail private post

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A Gift from Heaven


Real and authentic love in the romantic sense, and not merely sexual attraction, is a form of grace and a gift from Heaven. It rips through our soul like a powerful hurricane, uprooting our usual attachments and habits. It yanks the roots of our soul from the soil of complacency and self-centeredness. It causes joy as well as pain, ecstasy as well as longing. It detaches the soul from other entanglements and attaches it to the object of one’s love, even overcoming the mind’s scattered thoughts and concentrating the mind on that single object. Something of the absoluteness of the love for God becomes reflected in such a human love that requires utter selflessness and unlimited giving. Such a love, if authentic, does not diminish if the beloved becomes less beautiful outwardly and loses his or her external attractiveness because the object of that love is the person and not his or her attributes, which may be pleasing to the lover at one moment and not so later on. That is why authentic romantic love grows rather than diminishes as time goes on. Such a love is a gift from God to His creatures, whom He created in pairs, as the Qur’an asserts, and this love cannot in the deepest sense be separated from the love for God and God’s love for us



Page 65, “The Spiritual Significance of Human Love,” in The Garden of Truth, by Seyyed Hossein Nasr (Hurricane)

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