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Dear baby

Some day in life you will question me why i take this decision. I want to tell you that he regret us.He dont want you and me in his life. he regrets this relation and  He regrets you. Always said to me that its my decision to have you.

and i wana tell you I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and I AM SO HAPPY TO HAVE YOU.

I miss your father i miss him so much and i know you too miss him but isnt it important too that he miss us or not. and he didnt.


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Sad and Lonely

Feeling sad and lonely. I so wana hug him wana talk to him but… i dnt wana be weak this time. he did so much wrong to me. i would let it all go i would let all his wrong forget but only if he cares… but he even did not care about me ..about us. happy in his life..

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