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My chocolate and Icecream


I talked to zen for one hour today on phone. Image that at the age of 2 years

she talks that much…. oo’lalla but we talked and talked and talked and then i

asked her to sing me a poem ‘titli uri’ which is also the favourite of

Ash’z  too . Ash snatched the phone from zen and they began to fight. Both

wanted to sing me the poem (Oh look how VIP i am 😉 ) Ash only 1 year but

ufff too much naughty and too much active (MashaAllah).

Zen and Ash are my chocolate and Ice cream, Sweetness of  My Life.

The only sweetness of my life.


oh and Asim is my pizza… yum yum. I Never say NO to pizza…  Salty and Tasty

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