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A Romantic Night

Oh What a lovely romantic night it was. i spend the whole night with him. Walking with him side by side on dim lighted roads… Miles and Miles away, laughing, having fun all the night.


Its like i am flying to heavens , Its like a dream comes true


but its just a dream


Its a dream i had yesterday night.

Some people say love is nothing. Yah i accept that love is nothing .

When i am in my concious , when i give it a  thought logically using my mind

i simply say , What a big deal dude . I am not gonna die without him and its

very true. I enjoy my life without him, i go on outing , i have my lunches and

dinners, i laugh on silly jokes of my friends.


 But is that all!!!


When i close my eyes , when i look inside my soul, when i pray to God, When i look at stars standing alone…. and whenever it Rains
Every thing goes behind , Everything vanishes. Just one thing remains


The Thoughts of him.


I dnt have any hold on these things. i cant stop praying to God, I cant stop Rain to shower and i cant stop thinking about him and i cant stop loving him.


I miss you so much.

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