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I Miss him

Most of the day i try not to think bout him but every moment i miss him. My friend said go and talk with him. Why you are torturing your self. There is no ego in love so go and talk. just give it an other chance and all these sort of things. But i dont know what keeping me away from doing this. yah i miss him like hell but i am ok or m i deceiving myself that i am ok.

P.S. i have promised some of my friends that i will talk to him this weekend . lets see, weekend is here.

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I am feeling very low from 3 days. Just now i am thinking about running away and planning to shut down my blogs, delete my facebook account and end up all my idz.

It seems i am infected…. yah m sure i am infected by umair, i juz visited his post.


I Miss you DAD. 


I miss you Fudge (tumhari dant ki bht zarurat he)


I miss you Asi even i dont know you (or maybe i forget)


and i miss all the good times……



I want to write many things but my horoscope forbids me to write as it said “Just remember that you don’t need to express everything you might be thinking right now”. Thanks coz its really true. I have many negative thoughts on my mind right now.

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